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A+ 100% C+ 77-79% F 0-59%
A 93-99% C 73-76%
A- 90-92% C- 70-72%
B+ 87-89% D+ 67-69%
B 83-86% D 63-66%
B- 80-82% D- 60-62%
All assignments are based on points. The number of points your child received is written as a fraction over the total number possible. Daily work is worth 50% of the grade and tests are worth the other 50% of the grade.

A. Homework is given on Friday. Your child will have homework to complete from the math facts, a reading passage with questions, and spelling words to study.
B. Spelling words are sent home on Monday. A pretest is given on Monday, the test is on Thursday and a retest on Friday. If your child passes the pretest on Monday, then a second challenge list is given. We will begin Unit #1 during the second week of school.
C. Multiplication and division facts will be tested. Sometimes your child might receive flashcards to work on a specific fact or fact family.
D. Read a book to earn money for our end of the marking period auctions.

If you or your child would like to check their grades at home, you would use the program called PowerSchool. In September we will be sending home the website and log in information to get into our school program.

Fall Conferences
The office will send home a note asking for a time and date that will work for you. They are November 10th from 4:00-7:00PM and 11th from 12:30-3:30 PM.

M-STEP Test Week
Students are tested in math, reading, and science. Please be to school on time. We will be testing in the morning so eat a good breakfast.

Field Trips to the Michigan Historical Museum (), Forest Hill Nature Center (May) and the John Ball Park Zoo (June).

Volunteer Sign Up
Thank you to all that signed up at Open House to volunteer their time. When the time arrives that I am ready for the volunteer, I will contact you.

Grade Reports
Every Friday students will receive a weekly update on their grades (comments and notes may be attached). Please sign and return the Friday folder. This lets me know you saw the report. This will begin during the second week of school.

The planner needs to be at school everyday. We write homework and important reminders in them. Please look over your child’s homework assignment, read the planner, initial it and return it to school the next day.

Breakfast and Water Bottle
We will have breakfast available daily at 8:03 AM. The school provides free breakfast items to all students. I also encourage your child to bring a water bottle with plain water to prevent dehydration.

Birthdays and Celebrations
All Alma Public schools are following a nutritional guideline that does not allow food items for birthday treats. We may continue to recognize birthdays and celebrations, but celebrating using non-edible items. A student may bring pencils, stickers, or have a book or game donated to their classroom.

Suggestions for home
--Study spelling words
--Review math facts (multiplication and division)
--Read at home
--Go over the homework sheet together

General Schedule
8:03-8:15 Morning Routine/Planner
8:15-9:00 Social Studies or Science
9:00-9:30 Daily Oral Language/Spelling
9:30-11:10 Reading
11:10-11:55 Recess/Lunch
11:55-1:10 Math
1:10-1:50 Writing
1:50-2:25 Specials
2:25-3:05 Individualized Instruction
3:10 Dismissal

Special Schedule
Monday Art
Tuesday PE
Wednesday Music
Thursday Library/Lab
Friday PE

Thank you for your support!
If you ever have any questions or concerns please email me at hkolb@almaschools.net, call the schools at 463-3111, or write me a note.
If you would like to view what we are learning in fourth grade, go to our classroom website at www.kolb4.wikispaces.com .


Mrs. Kolb